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It is my pleasure to join fellow Booktrope author Taylor Dawn’s Xpresso Book Tour to help reveal her adult urban fantasy novel Saving London, which is coming out this summer. To get a closer look at the cover, click on the images below. Be sure to also stalk Taylor on social media and visit her website to find out more about her writing. Tell her Sharky sent ya!


Saving London CoverBOOK & AUTHOR INFO:

Saving London by Taylor Dawn
Published by: Booktrope Publishing
Publication date: June 9th 2015
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy



“You have terminal cancer.”

London Patterson, a seemingly healthy young woman had her entire life ahead of her. That was until four little words brought everything to a screeching halt. As the shock and grief begin to fade, London decides to map out her last year and embark on an epic journey to complete a bucket list. She wants to do the things she’s been afraid to do in her life, step out of her self-contained box, and see the world. What she didn’t expect was for a mysterious stranger named Adam to breeze into her life like a breath of fresh air.

Adam offers to help London complete her list on one condition…that she sees it through to the end. Agreeing on those terms, the two set out on an adventure of a lifetime. But London soon realizes that Adam isn’t quite…human. Along their journey odd occurrences happen that cause London to question who or what Adam is and why he’s helping her.


Saving London Full Cover




TaylorC.D. Taylor [pen name Taylor Dawn) began writing as an item to check off her bucket list. She resides in the southernmost part of Illinois, right on the mighty Mississippi river. She enjoys the quiet country life with her husband, son and the many farm animals that make up the rest of the family. C.D. decided that farm life was just a little too mundane, so she started writing erotica to spice things up, so far so good. C.D. entered cosmetology school right out of High School and practiced the art of hair styling for 12 years. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found sitting around a table making people laugh. She has always wanted to be a standup comic. She loves pulling practical jokes, dresses up in a costume every Halloween and believes that dancing is the key to a happy life (even if you aren’t a good dancer). She believes that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, we will never get out alive anyway. More than anything, C.D. is a kid at heart, she doesn’t believe in bedtimes, eating everything on her plate, or having ice cream only for dessert. Her favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss…”Why fit in, when you were born to stand out.”


Author links:

Official Website:


Xpresso Book Tours

The Last Dance CoverI don’t normally read romance, but Wyatt McIntyre pleasantly surprised me with his novel The Last Dance. His unique style of starting at the end and telling this love story in a way that does not follow a linear path at first left me disconnected. However, it didn’t take long to get adjusted to his style. McIntyre does a wonderful job of weaving the story together while going back and forth between different times of James’ and Alejandra’s lives. The writing is poetic and I found myself really caring about these characters and learning what brought them together (and what nearly tore them apart). Good read.

Wyatt McIntyre visited my cozy little corner in cyberspace for a special Valentine’s Day edition of Chumming with Sharky™ on February 14, 2015. To learn more about Wyatt and The Last Dance CLICK HERE. Wyatt is quite the romantic, so if you enjoy the genre it’s a no-brainer to grab a copy of his book.

About the Author

Wyatt McIntyre

Born in Valleyview, a small Northern Alberta town, the middle of three boys, and now living in Illinois, Wyatt has sometimes been referred to a cowboy poet, rarely seen without a hat, staying true to his roots, he was taught, from the youngest of ages the virtue of hard work, diligence and faith through life’s toughest of adversities. As an an author he has an overriding passion: to tell a story worth telling, and write in a way off the page with meaning and significance to the reader, using his experience to help them look at things in a different way. Over the past decade Wyatt has been honing his writing, striving with each short story, with each new project to meet that challenge head on.

For more about Wyatt McIntyre visit his official website at

Welcome to Chumming with Sharky™, the quirky blog series where I treat viewers from every corner of the deep blue sea with a taste of talented authors from a myriad of genres. Today is Valentine’s Day, so it’s only appropriate for me to give all you romance lovers out there something warm and fuzzy. So, grab your complimentary glass of wine and box of chocolates from Anchor’s Bar and click on the logo to swim on over to the shark tank to join the fun.

Chumming with Sharky

Wyatt McIntyre

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Today it is my pleasure to share my cyber real estate with bestselling author and friend Tess Thompson to reveal the cover of her latest novel Duet for Three Hands. Tess is one of publisher Booktrope’s greatest success stories, where she has enjoyed bestseller status with her popular series titles (as high as No. 1 overall on B&N and Top 100 overall on Amazon) and I think I can say with confidence that this one will be no different. Check out the details below:


Duet for Three HandsDuet for Three Hands
Author: Tess Thompson
Release Date: February 13th, 2015
Publisher: Booktrope

A story of forbidden love, lost dreams, and family turmoil.

The first book in a new historical series from bestselling author Tess Thompson, Duet for Three Hands is equal parts epic love story, sweeping family saga, and portrait of days gone by. Set against the backdrop of the American South between 1928 and 1934, four voices blend to tell a tale of prejudice, fear, and love. The Bellmonts are the epitome of the rich and elite in Atlanta society, but behind the picture-perfect façade are hidden moments of violence and betrayal.

After marrying into the Bellmont family, Nathaniel, a former concert pianist who is nearly ruined by his wife’s unrelenting ambition and unstable mind, finds hope in the promise of his most recent protégé. His brother-in-law, artistic Whitmore Bellmont, and the maid’s daughter, Jeselle, have a secret relationship despite their drastically different circumstances and shades of skin. Unfortunately, most of the world disagrees with their color blindness.

All four lives intertwine on a collision course, threatening to destroy, or liberate, them all.


About the Author

tessthompsonTess Thompson is a mother and writer. She’s also a Zumba dancing queen, though the wearing of the crown is reserved for invitation-only appearances. Her creative life began as an actress, director and playwright but found her true calling in narrative fiction, specifically Women’s Fiction.

Learn more at
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Robert Pruneda Novels

That’s right! For a limited time you can get all three of my novels for only 99 cents each. So if you like horror, or maybe you prefer a more family-oriented tale, I’ve got you covered. While this is a Kindle-specific sale, you don’t need a Kindle to read my books. You can download a free Kindle reading app HERE if you prefer to read on your tablet, phone, or PC. Be sure to share this with your friends and family too. To take advantage of this sale, click on the image above and I’ll magically transport you to Amazon.

If you’ve already read my novels, thank you! If you could also take a minute or two to leave an honest review I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you all for your support and interest in me as an author. And remember to pursue your own dreams and never look back. Cheers!

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Devil's Nightmare




That’s right! The jolly ‘ol fat guy in a red and white suit took over my Kindle Direct Publishing account. For a limited time, you can get your hands on the first book in the Devil’s Nightmare series for only 99 cents (via Kindle Countdown Deal in U.S.A.). That’s two bucks off the regular price. And if you prefer paperback, Amazon and Barnes & Noble currently has the book discounted at $8.95 (free Kindle version with purchase at Amazon). Heck, while you’re at it, why not grab the sequel on Kindle too? It’s only $2.99.

Here’s what others have said about Devil’s Nightmare:

A True Horror Story“I loved the twists and turns about the book. What really got me was the characters. You got to know them and sided with or against them. You never knew exactly what happened until near the end but that is what made it good. You never want to know the details at the beginning or it ruins the book. This was a cross between a great detective novel and a horror story. Loved it!!!!!!” | ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Awesome Eerie Thriller | For some time now I’ve been considering reading this book, but kept putting off because the description just didn’t call to me. However, based on reviews I decided to give it a chance and started it yesterday. I’m really glad I did because it was awesome!! It had a nice plot and it kept me guessing up until the end. If you think you know what is going on…who the bad guys are, most likely what you’re thinking is wrong. It wasn’t too long, but not too short…and again, it didnt have any boring parts in my opinion. Did I mention I started yesterday afternoon and am done today?? If you like eerie suspense novels with other worldly twists then this is a must read.” | ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Love the Twists! | “This was a great read! I love a good horror story, and this one not only brought the scary, but it brought in the elements of suspense and thriller. A crime novel with a horror-twist. The plot kept me interested and as each new twist came along, it drew me in even further. Lots of unexpected things going on, and things I never saw coming! It was one of those books that had you sitting forward in your seat and saying, “What?” out loud and making everyone in the room stare at you like you’re crazy. Loved it.” | ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

A Must Read Book | “Had I even had an inkling about the plot I would not have bought it thinking it would not be my kind of book. I would have missed out on a great adventure in reading. I could not read fast enough to keep up with what my brain waves wanted to find out next. Unbelievably scary and spinetingling. DO NOT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO READ THIS BOOK, just make sure you have enough time to read it through before starting it because you won’t be able to put it down!!!! Great surprise ending.” | ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

A Beast From Hell | “People in a small town are being slaughtered, and a homicide detective searches for a killer. The key to the mystery is a young boy who survived an attack that killed 3 of his friends. This book held my interest from beginning to end. The author did a good job of getting you to care about the characters, and the ending did not leave you hanging. Very good writing for a first novel!” | ⋆⋆⋆⋆


Detective Aaron Sanders’ abilities and fortitude are put to the test when he investigates a brutal double-homicide where a boy’s parents are found mutilated inside their home. The boy is the only witness to the crime and his clothes are stained with his parents’ blood. His clothes are also tainted with the blood of other victims from a separate and even more horrific crime scene at a nearby cemetery. All of the victims appear to have been killed in the same manner and the boy knows the true identity of the evil responsible for the multiple deaths, but he is unwilling to talk. No one would believe him. A threat on the boy’s life and a disturbing nightmare causes Detective Sanders to question his beliefs and his own sanity. This investigation ultimately leads Sanders in a fight to save himself and the life of an orphaned boy from an unimaginable evil that is spawned from the curse of the devil’s nightmare.

Over 100  reviews with a 4.1-star average rating.

Get your copy today:Devil's Nightmare by Robert Pruneda

Also available to purchase in paperback:

What the heck is NaNoWriMo?

If you are an author, then you’ve probably heard of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). For those who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, it is a writer’s challenge that occurs in November every year. Every person that participates in the challenge has one goal . . . to complete a 50,000-word novel in only 30 days. That’s a lot of writing in one month, and particularly challenging since it also falls around the holidays.


My decision to participate

I’ve wanted to take the challenge for the past couple of years, but I had other projects to complete at the time. This year, however, I published Devil’s Nightmare: Premonitions just in time for me to start a new project. I made the decision to participate in the National Novel Writing Month 50K challenge about a week before it started. I read up on the “rules” and then started preparing for the most challenging task I’ve taken on since I began this writing gig. Considering 50,000 words isn’t quite a novel length for me (all three of my novels are over 100,000 words each), I decided to personally make this challenge about sitting my butt down every day to write. Everything else came second.

Sacrifices made during National Novel Writing Month

Being self-employed, I scheduled my non-writing work around National Novel Writing Month. I actually turned down a couple of jobs in November because it conflicted with my writing schedule. Thankfully, these two small business clients also know I’m an independently published author and were very supportive about this NaNoWriMo 50K challenge I committed to.

I’m also a gamer, so that was also a bit of a hurdle for me. Video games are my main source of entertainment and stress relief. I’ll be the first to admit as an author, that my favorite pastime can also be my biggest distraction. Last month I had to resist the temptation of joining my friends online to play Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, and Grand Theft Auto. My gaming buddies are a great bunch too. Some of them have become very close friends of mine, so disappearing off the PlayStation Network and going AWOL really was a bit of a sacrifice during the month of November. Other fellow gamers understand what I mean. Non-gamers are probably rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. That’s okay, because my gaming buddies were also very supportive of my commitment to take on this task, even though it did mean giving them the cold shoulder for a few weeks. With that said, I did manage to sneak in some game time here and there though. I didn’t want to go into withdrawal and get the shakes, you know?

Turning off my inner editor

With the exception of publishing my very first novel, participating in National Novel Writing Month was the most satisfying and rewarding experience I’ve had as an author. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to “win” this challenge, but the key to building momentum (and avoiding any type of writer’s block) was turning off my inner editor. This is something that I’m really bad at when I’m working on a novel, and sometimes it hinders my progress. Everyone that I talked to who had experience participating in NaNoWriMo gave the same advice . . . just write! Don’t worry about the structure. Don’t worry about the grammar. Don’t even worry about spelling errors or if you’re using the correct word in a sentence. Just get the story written. You can go back and polish later. So that is exactly what I did. And it made a huge difference!

Crossing the finish line

I normally take the week of Thanksgiving off for vacation, so I basically shaved off a week from the four-week challenge. No pressure, of course. :-) I also pre-ordered my “NaNoWriMo 2014 Winner” t-shirt as further motivation to make it to the finish line. Listening to the advice given to me by my peers in the writing community, and “buddying up” with a few other writers, made a huge difference on whether or not I would meet my goal of finishing by November 21, just in time for my scheduled vacation. I didn’t quite meet that personal goal, but after committing to hours of brainstorming and writing every day to the tune of about 2,300 words per day, I managed to cross the 50,000-word finish line on Saturday, November 22.

It’s something I worked very hard on and will display my certificate for completing my very first NaNoWriMo 50K Challenge with pride. I’m can’t wait to participate again next year.


If you are also an author and have never challenged yourself to writing 50,000 words in 30 days, I highly recommend you doing it. It was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. It really was the key to building momentum for me personally.

If you have also participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, I would love to read about your own experience in the comments section below. 


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Today, award-winning author and criminologist Jennifer Chase and I are doing a little blog exchange. She’s taking over my site and I’m taking over hers to cross-promote our novels. To start things off I’ll dim the lights so Jennifer can show off her kick ass cinematic book trailer.


Crime has a new nemesis and her name is Emily Stone. She will continue to hunt serial killers and child abductors as long as they are out there.

This is her life. Tag along with vigilante detective Emily Stone in a first time ever “live action” novel short film. Be sure to watch it full screen, turn up the volume, and enjoy.


Check out the Award-winning EMILY STONE THRILLER SERIES available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and most online and book retailers.


You can find Jennifer Chase and all of her books at:

The wait is finally over! Devil’s Nightmare: Premonitions, the much anticipated sequel to the Amazon bestselling Devil’s Nightmare is now available to purchase worldwide. If you pre-ordered it, Amazon should have automatically pushed it to your Kindle. If not, be sure to sync your device to check for new content.

For the rest of my readers, I’ve included all of the buy links below. If you haven’t read Devil’s Nightmare (Book 1) yet, you can get it for the bargain price of only 99 cents on Kindle to get you hooked. Premonitions is only $2.99. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read my books with the free Kindle Reader App. For those who prefer the classic format, the print version of Devil’s Nightmare: Premonitions will be available soon on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers, but it is available to order direct from my printer CreateSpace.

Sequel to the Amazon bestselling horror Devil’s Nightmare, I’m bringing fans of the first novel another horrific thriller full of twists, chills, and a shocking conclusion. Two years have passed since Aaron Sanders retired from the Austin Police Department after what the media has called The Saint Hedwig Massacre. He moves his family out of the capital city to start a new life as a small town cop in Lost Maples, Texas, where the population count is updated more often than the murder rate. That bit of reputation is about to change when Aaron is once again caught in the middle of a mysterious investigation that has an eerie familiarity. This time, however, he is certain what is responsible for the violent deaths . . . Or is he?

Evil knows no boundaries and it is up to Aaron to figure out how to protect the residents of his community, and his family, from becoming its next victims.

Now available for Kindle (and Kindle Reading Apps):

Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising, so if you are willing, I could use your help. Tell your friends and family about Devil’s Nightmare by sharing on Twitter and Facebook, sending smoke signals, or wearing a sandwich board. Every little bit helps. Thank you very much for your support and I hope you enjoy Devil’s Nightmare: Premonitions.

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