First 5-star Review for Devil’s Nightmare

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Book Promotions, Book Reviews, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Reviews, Thrillers

I am excited to announce my very first five-star review for my novel Devil’s Nightmare today. This review really made my day. Have a gander and if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, be sure to click on one of the links below. Enjoy! 

Wow! My heart’s still beating out of my chest! – January 13, 2013
By Donna L. Sadd

I really enjoyed reading Devil’s Nightmare. I was hooked at the prologue; then it’s fast pace proceeded to yank me through one heck of a scary thrill ride! This is a difficult review to write without spoilers, but what I can say is that the characters are fleshed out well, description and dialog paint the story vividly, and the mystery takes twists and turns that kept this reader guessing. I’m not a horror fiction fan; however, I’m a fan of Mr. Pruneda’s work and this occult thriller seriously kept my heart pounding every step of the way. I could easily see Devil’s Nightmare being made into a film and I recommend that you read it . . . with the lights on of course!


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  1. danniehill says:

    Great review for a great read. Way to go, Rob!


    • Thanks, Dannie! It really put a smile on my face. Now let’s see if the momentum will continue. I’m starting to save up for that new Corvette Stingray they just revealed today . . . after they put the round tail lights on the Corvette, of course. What were they thinking? (Okay, I’m dreaming. No way I could afford that!) 🙂