Two-Year Anniversary Giveway

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Blog Awards, Blogging, Book Promotions, Giveaways, Horror, Writing

2-year anniversary-WordpressI just received notification via the WordPress toolbar that my site has been up and running for exactly two years now. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a couple of years since I started

So, what does one do to celebrate a two-year anniversary? I thought about it for a few minutes while listening to the Skyrim radio station I set up on Pandora and decided I would give away a couple of copies of Devil’s Nightmare. I’m not talking e-books either. I’m talking about a real physical you-can-smell-the paper-and-even-get-a-paper-cut type of book!

So how should I go about selecting a reader for this precious prize? Well, I could make it all complicated and make you click a bunch of buttons with one of those auto-generated promo tools (which would take me forever to figure out how to get working on this site anyway) or I could ask you to help me promote my book with tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook, etc. Or . . . I could simply ask you why you should get a free copy of Devil’s Nightmare. Yeah, I think we’ll go with that.

Devil's Nightmare 3D Book Cover2So, here it goes . . . If you would like a FREE 6×9 paperback copy of Devil’s Nightmare personalized and autographed simply tell me in the comments below and you’ll be entered for the drawing. There is only one stipulation, though. I can only mail within the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii) due to shipping costs. Hey, I’m a poor author, remember? 🙂

Every contest entry comment will be numbered (you can only enter once) and the winner will be selected randomly using the old school method of names written on pieces of paper and drawn from a hat. The five most creative entries will also go into a separate drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card, but I know you’re really going to enter for the book, right? 🙂

Winners for the free books and gift card will be picked on Saturday, May 25 and announced on Sunday, May 26. So, if you aren’t following this blog already be sure to subscribe via email on the sidebar or click the follow button.

I look forward to reading your entries and good luck! Below is a trailer for Devil’s Nightmare.

  1. Thomas Smith says:

    #13 – I believe all great books should be had in print, versus digital. I loved reading this novel on my Kindle, and I would be grateful to win a paperback copy!


  2. Adam Little says:

    #12 – I would love to win and recieve this book!!!! Read and heard a lot of great things about it. Would love to read what goes on in the mind of different authors. This book is right up my alley of what I really enjoy reading. Would be great in my collection of books. Pick me pick me!!!!!


  3. Damn…I live in the UK! Erm….just follow my Blog instead then?


  4. I swear i posted! I want to win because i live to read and i #1 write great reviews and #2 i make you laugh on Twitter! (waving hi-RescueCherry here)!


  5. #11 – I should get a free copy because 1) i write amazing reviews and 2) i make you laugh on Twitter (RescueCherry). I write for free even!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Alas, I’m in the UK so no book for me 😦


  7. Marc Specrer says:

    #10 – The book should be mine so I can use it as a prize at my convention and raise funds for our charitable partner Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.


  8. #9 – Because you rock, Rob!


  9. danniehill says:

    #8 – Congrats, Rob. Since I normally live so far away we’ll have to exchange signed copies of our books when I get to Texas. They could be worth millions one day. Great job with your blog and interviews!


  10. Dannie Hill says:

    #8 – Congrats, Rob. I really do enjoy your blog and interviews. Since I occasionally come to Texas we’ll have to exchange signed copies of our books– just think how much they’ll be worth one day. Great job!


  11. #7 – Because I would love having a personalized copy of my friend’s book! Also, I seem to remember taking a certain Disney character’s picture while at Disney World last year for someone…hmmmm…I wonder who??? Ha ha ha! Plus, you know I love a good book! 🙂


  12. Bobby Brown says:

    #6 – Now if Beau is in on this I have to throw my hat in the ring :-)!


  13. Beau Brown says:

    #5 – It would help if I would read the entire 140 characters 🙂


  14. Morgen Rich says:

    #4 – Good luck with the contest. Am eager to read it, but it will wait to see if I win first. I know you’ll understand. Something about reading a copy with the author’s autograph …. 🙂


  15. nikki skaggs says:

    #3 – I would so love to have a copy please! Congrats on your two years


  16. #1 – I want to win a signed copy of your book because pretty soon they’ll be in such high demand, I won’t have another chance to get it! :0)


  17. writergirl007 says:

    #2 – I am a lover of books and I promise if you send me your book I will take good care of it and it will have a special place on my bookshelf!

    Oh and I really want to read it!!


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