Beta Readers: Do I Need Them?

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Blogging, Book Promotions, Guest Bloggers, Writing

The Birth of a Beta Reader

Robert "Sharky" PrunedaUp until about eighteen months ago I had no idea what a beta reader was. It wasn’t until a fellow author, Sara Furlong Burr, approached me on Twitter and asked me if I would be interested in swapping novels with her for a beta read. Neither one of us had ever done a beta read before, but she at least knew what it was all about. Basically, the task was just like testing a new product (a beta test), read the novel, help her catch any flaws, and give her some general feedback about the story overall. That sounded simple enough. Plus, I got to have early access to an unpublished novel. So, I agreed and we swapped manuscripts. Today, I think Pursuit of a Dream is a better novel because of it. It was my first novel and probably could use more revisions, but overall, I think the beta reading process was very beneficial to me.

Devil’s Nightmare Beta Testing

Fast forward to the Fall of 2012 where my horror-thriller Devil’s Nightmare is in the editing stage of the publishing process and I now have three beta readers . . .


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Beta Readers: Do I Need Them?

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