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Devils NightmarePremonitionsEbookPursuit of a Dream

Devil’s Nightmare
Devil’s Nightmare: Premonitions
Victory Lane: The Chronicles – Pursuit of a Dream

Short Stories and Novellas

Creature of Maple Hills (novella)
Locust (novella)
The Secret Diary of James Killborn
Dead in Pink
Vivre Libre

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  1. Heather Roach says:

    When is book 3 of the Devil’s Nightmare coming out and where can I get a copy? Love this series best horror book I have read ever.


    • Hi, Heather! Devil’s Nightmare: Redemption currently does not have a solid publishing date at this time, but it is in the works. When available, I will announce here, on social media, and via my newsletter. It will be available on all e-book platforms. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the first two books. Cheers!


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