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Posted: July 2, 2015 in Book Promotions, Fiction, Giveaways, Sports

If you have a Kindle, be sure to grab a FREE copy of my very first book PURSUIT OF A DREAM from July 2-6. It’s my gift to you this Independence Day weekend. I published this book back in 2004 and then released it on Kindle in 2011. It’s a family-oriented tale about a kid with a dream of becoming a professional stock car driver. Don’t let the racing theme fool you, though, because it’s much more than just about racing. I hope you like it!

Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend!


Pursuit of a Dream“Pursuit of a Dream is a breath of fresh air. Readers will enjoy following Caleb’s journey from a rambunctious young boy to a determined young man who refuses to allow his dreams to pass him by.” | Sara Furlong Burr, author of Enigma Black

“If you want a compelling story about family, faith and dedication then you definitely want to take the time to read Pursuit of a Dream.” | Wyatt McIntyre, author of The Last Dance

“In the age of zombies, horror, and thrillers vying for attention, Pursuit of a Dream seems out of favor with the current trend … but, and this is a HUGE BUT, what isn’t out of favor is excellent writing and storytelling, and this is what Mr. Pruneda provides.” | Eden Baylee, author of Spring Into Summer

“If you enjoy a wonderful story that takes you through, highs, lows, faith and inspiration then you will find great pleasure in Pursuit of a Dream.” | Dannie Hill, author of In Search of a Soul

“Readers will truly enjoy the transition of Caleb from young boy to a focused adult with NASCAR racing on his mind.” | S.G. Lee, author of A Penny Saved, A Murder Earned

Pursuit of a Dream is a story about an ambitious young boy with a dream of becoming a professional stock car driver. Eight-year-old Caleb Lockhardt has one goal in life, racing stock cars. He is determined to live that dream no matter what, but how does he do that when no one in his family has ever been involved in auto racing? Caleb’s brother Jared is quick to point that out and even their father, while loving and supportive, doesn’t take Caleb’s aspiration serious at first…that is until he sees his son win his first go-kart race. As Caleb grows older, his desire to win clouds his focus and judgment, and he struggles with the realization that living his dream is going to require a lot more patience, discipline, and sacrifice than he had anticipated.

Readers will find that Pursuit of a Dream has much more to offer than just auto racing. It is a story about the strength of family unity, love, perseverance through adversity, and never giving up on your dreams.

Pursue your dreams…and never look back.

Available to purchase on Amazon and readable on all Kindles and Kindle apps (Get it FREE from July 2-6, 2015):


Profile Photo (Cropped)Robert “Sharky” Pruneda is a native Texan, video game “enthusiast” [addict], and fan of all things horror. He left a career in the newspaper industry in 2011 to pursue the life of a nocturnal author, brainstorming new and creative ways to creep out his readers. He doesn’t only write horror though. He also pens the occasional family-oriented tale just to keep from going completely nuts with all those creatures of the night whispering in his ears. When he’s not pulling ideas out of his twisted brain, you’ll likely find him on social media or fighting alongside his fellow gaming buddies where they all get shot up into Swiss cheese (or turned into little bite-sized chunks because of “Sharky’s” obsession with explosives). Medic!

Pursue your dreams . . . and never look back.

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