Chumming with Sharky™: Duncan Ralston

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Blog Tours, Book Promotions, Booktrope, Chumming with Sharky, Contests, Fiction, Forsaken, Giveaways, Horror, Horror, Interviews, Writing

Welcome to Chumming with Sharky™, my blog series where I treat viewers from every corner of the deep blue sea with a taste of talented authors from a myriad of genres. This month, it is my pleasure to join the Gristle & Bone Blog Blitz and Giveaway to welcome fellow Forsaken Horror Hooligan Duncan Ralston. Today, our focus is on the horror entertainment industry, including video games, books, and movies. Duncan made us some appetizers, so grab a tasty plate of canápes with fattened liver, choose a comfy reclining seat, tap or click on the banner below, and enjoy the show . . .

Chumming with Sharky

Duncan Ralston

Sharky Teeth 1

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