Devil’s Nightmare Cover Reveal

Posted: August 18, 2012 in #WIP500, Fiction, Horror, Thrillers, Writing

I am pleased to announce that I have designed the initial cover for my current novel Devil’s Nightmare. After working on the design for a couple of hours, I decided to omit “The” from the title. What do you think?

Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments below. I’m very excited to have this cover produced as it’s one step closer to completing my novel. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Cover photo by John Fowler
Used by permission

  1. Very nice! I like it!



  2. lostbowyer says:

    Very nice cover Sharky, well done!


    • Thanks, Glenn! I originally had a budget to hire a cover artist and copy editor, but since my finances are so tight right now, I decided to tackle the cover on my own (saving me about $300). I found a site online that has a design tool and then renders the 3D image. It’s free to use; you just pay $4.95 for each image you download (gives you a 3D and 2D version). The only “bad” thing about it is that if you make a change after you have purchased the image, you pay another $4.95… unless you have a monthly or annual subscription. Technically this cover cost me about $15. I’ll more than likely need to make another adjustment or two when I set up the print version, but even then I’ll save a lot of money that I can then allocate for my editor.


  3. danniehill says:

    Late as usual. I really like the cover, Rob. Professional and makes me want to read the book! Great job.


  4. Jack says:

    This is Amazing 🙂


  5. dsavannah says:

    Looks good! I’m intrigued!


  6. sirkeystone says:

    Might be a dumb question because I’m sure you thought about it, but why is the Title left justified and your name centered? Just felt a little odd to me, might be a trend I didn’t know about though.

    Other than that, I love the elements. I agree with sixxing the “The”


  7. Excellent cover!! I agree with removing “The” as well.


  8. Cool, looks awesome Rob!


  9. michellemacewan says:

    Great cover Sharky! Yes! Leave ‘The’ out! Great to see what you are working on..


    • Thank you, Michelle! It’s such a pleasure to see you drop by. I was hesitant to take ‘The’ out of the title at first, but the more I look at the cover I feel it was the right decision. Thanks for reinforcing my assumption. I hope you are doing well.


  10. Greg Carter says:

    Reblogged this on Greg Carter and commented:
    Take a look at this incredible cover art.


  11. Greg Carter says:

    Extremely nice cover design. I give it 5 stars.


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