POLL: Cover Redesign for Pursuit of a Dream

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Writing

Back in 2004 I published my very first novel titled Pursuit of a Dream, which is about a kid with a dream of becoming a professional stock car driver, with the ultimate goal of racing in the top NASCAR series with some of the best drivers in the world. It was a parallel of my own dream of becoming a full-time author (or anybody’s dream . . . just insert here). I wrote this story when I was in between jobs to fulfill a personal goal of having a printed copy of a novel I wrote on my bookshelf. Fast-forward ten years and Pursuit of a Dream is now in Kindle format quietly idling in a dark corner in the shadows of its creepy brother Devil’s Nightmare, which has quickly surpassed it as an Amazon best seller and lapped it several times over.

It was time to pull into the pits and make some adjustments. I decided to start with a fresh coat of paint and ditch the cover I put together with a one-megapixel camera and generic photo editing software. After going over a few ideas with the cover artist in charge of this project, I’m pleased to announce that Pursuit of a Dream has finally come out of the paint shop over at WGA Designs to give my race-themed family-oriented drama a new look.

This is where you come in. I’m pretty happy with the overall redesign, but I wanted to get your help in deciding which font to use in my name and the book’s title. Please review the three options below and vote for the cover that you like best. The only difference in each cover is the font.

Pursuit of a Dream Cover Options

Thank you for your assistance and be sure to comment below with your thoughts.

  1. eden baylee says:

    I chose one, not a fan of bold font, and the last one does not conjure up ‘speed’ for me. I like the the clean look of #1 the best.

    Great job, Sharky xo


  2. Linny says:

    Hi Rob I personally find the middle print to catch my attention more then the others .I choose option 2. I really like it. Good luck on choosing.


  3. danniehill says:

    They all look good Rob