Devil’s Nightmare Hits 5,000 Sales Milestone

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Thrillers, Writing

Devil's Nightmare

While I won’t be retiring anytime soon, I was pleased to discover that my first stab at a horror novel just hit the 5,000 sales milestone today. When I published Devil’s Nightmare last year I always wondered if anybody would read it. Heck, I was excited when I sold my first 25 copies in one month. I never thought it would sell as many as it has. Again, 5,000 sales is actually a very small amount when it comes to the big picture, so if I ever want to make a career out this whole writing thing, I need to keep writing and get that next novel out. I’ll share more on that later.

The main purpose of this particular post is to express my heartfelt appreciation for everyone who has supported me as an author over the past couple of years. You all know who you are. This whole writing thing can be a very lonely business, is full of ups and downs, and each milestone is a goal reached, and that brings a smile to my face. So, again, thank you, everyone, for your continued support. You don’t know how much it means to me.


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  1. danniehill says:

    I’m really proud of you and you do have a great talent. Much more success to you. At 5000 you doing better than many indies! Way to go, Rob.