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Update: Blog post originally published on March 1, 2013. Devil’s Nightmare has since become an Amazon best seller in both Horror Suspense and Horror Occult categories.

My first horror novel Devil’s Nightmare has been out for just under a couple of months now and it’s been getting some great reviews on Amazon. I wanted to share the five reviews (four 5-star, and one 4-star) received with you all. I’m very pleased that readers are enjoying this novel. Have a look for yourself, and if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, be sure to click on one of the links at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Devil's Nightmare

Sharky Teeth

5.0 out of 5 starsScary Good Book
By mmp&jmp

I don’t mind scary but this book was a bit much. I was so drawn into the characters and the suspense that I forgot it’s a work of fiction. Didn’t know Mr. Pruneda before but I surely know him now. The plot and characters are so real, the twists and turns throughout the story so engaging that even I couldn’t figure out what was going to happen next – – – and I’m a pretty good guesser. Poor Cody. I really felt sorry for the child. Pruneda’s Detective Sanders . . . Well I’m not telling you. You’ll just have to read the book, even if you’re a scary type like me. It’s just that good.


Author’s note: I was very pleased to see that this reader connected with the characters so much that it felt real, even though it was a work of horror fiction. I’m also thrilled that the reader was a fan of my main character Detective Aaron Sanders. He was fun to write.

4.0 out of 5 stars Really Creepy!
By Teena

For his first book, Mr. Pruneda did a great job! I really liked how he built the suspense and I can’t wait for his next scary book. The only reason I didn’t give him five stars is there were a few too many typographical errors. All in all he is a wonderful story teller and he adds the right amount of detail which helped me picture the scenes.

Author’s note: I really appreciate this reader’s review because it gives some great constructive criticism about some flaws in the book while also sharing what she really enjoyed about Devil’s Nightmare. It gave it a nice balance.

5.0 out of 5 stars An edge-of-your seat, engaging, and all around outstanding read
By Sara Furlong Burr

I first became a fan of Mr. Pruneda after reading his first novel, Pursuit of a Dream. I was highly impressed with his knack for dialogue and uncanny ability at penning a well-written and engaging story that kept my attention throughout the book. Yes, I liked Pursuit of a Dream, but I LOVED Devil’s Nightmare. It seems, with this book, Mr. Pruneda has found his calling and I truly believe great things are in store for this author in the horror genre.

In Devil’s Nightmare, Detective Aaron Sanders finds himself thrust in the middle of an investigation involving a string of mysterious, and incredibly horrific murders, beginning with the discovery of three children in a graveyard and a young boy’s mother and stepfather (who I can’t say as I was all too sad to see be disemboweled). Newly orphaned Cody is the sole witness to the murders, but is too traumatized to speak of them no matter how hard Detective Sanders gets him to open up. Yet, at night, the boy is plagued by such disturbing nightmares that whatever has rendered him a virtual mute during the day is forgotten, and Detective Sanders is given some valuable clues as to the horrors Cody has encountered. What secret does Cody hold, and will Detective Sanders figure it out before the body count rises?

Devil’s Nightmare contains several plot twists that are far from predictable, which I love considering I can usually figure out twists coming from a mile away. Just when you think the story is over and the case solved, it’s not. And the final outcome will leave you breathless.

I’m not personally a big fan of horror, but after reading Devil’s Nightmare, I will certainly be reading more books in this genre and, hopefully, another one from Mr. Pruneda in the near future. Watch out, Stephen King, here comes Robert Pruneda!

Author’s note: I always appreciate such detailed reviews that give other potential readers a broader scope of what to expect in the novel that he/she is considering to purchase. The dialogue in Devil’s Nightmare is one of the things this reader particularly enjoyed, along with the suspense and the fact that I have apparently been successful with keeping this readers guessing. I also am very flattered by the reference to Stephen King, my favorite author.  

5.0 out of 5 stars So cool, it was like John Saul & James Patterson had a baby!
By Diana

With a dash of DeMille, I might add. Absolutely get this book! In the midst of all the horrific things going on in the story, the sarcastic humor of Detective Sanders kept you cheering through! Gotta save Cody (loved that poor kid) from this nightmare I kept thinking 😦 From start to finish, it was well told in a great first person style, which I liked very much and made it easy to visualize the insanity happening … kudos! Should be on a best sellers list somewhere, soon!

Author’s note: I really enjoyed how this reader described my writing as the genetic mixture of some very talented authors that I admire. This reader also connected with the characters (particularly Detective Sanders and Cody Sumner). I appreciate this reader saying that Devil’s Nightmare should be on a best sellers list soon. (insert subliminal message here . . . click on the link below and claim your copy). 🙂

Wow! My heart’s still beating out of my chest!
By Donna L. Sadd

I really enjoyed reading Devil’s Nightmare. I was hooked at the prologue; then it’s fast pace proceeded to yank me through one heck of a scary thrill ride! This is a difficult review to write without spoilers, but what I can say is that the characters are fleshed out well, description and dialog paint the story vividly, and the mystery takes twists and turns that kept this reader guessing. I’m not a horror fiction fan; however, I’m a fan of Mr. Pruneda’s work and this occult thriller seriously kept my heart pounding every step of the way. I could easily see Devil’s Nightmare being made into a film and I recommend that you read it . . . with the lights on of course!

Author’s note: This was my very first review. This reader, like others, has pointed out that she’s not a fan of horror fiction, but really enjoyed reading Devil’s Nightmare. The fact that she kept reading this story could possible mean that I may be successfully converting some readers over to the genre. Mwahahahaha! 🙂

Sharky Teeth
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