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Today I read a blog post written by author and U.S. Army soldier Kevin Hanrahan that was so inspirational to me (and a bit troubling) that I immediately took action. Kevin Hanrahan is author of Paws on the Ground (pending publication) about U.S. soldiers and the faithful dogs that protect them in Afghanistan. These dogs find Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and have saved countless lives.

As a proud Guardian member of the ASPCA I have a soft spot for all animals, particularly dogs (I have three of them in my family), and with Kevin Hanrahan’s permission I am sharing a snippet of his story (and a couple of great photos) here at Sharkbait Writes.

Image credit: Kevin Hanrahan, used by permission. Source - Soldier Writer: Balancing the Sword and the Pen

It has come to my attention through Mr. Hanrahan’s recent blog post that these brave and heroic dogs are officially classified as “equipment” by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Hanrahan states the following three startling facts about retired military working dogs:

  1. Retired Military Working Dogs are stranded at their final duty station.
  2. Military Working Dogs receive no medical benefits after retirement.
  3. Military Working Dogs receive no recognition for their faithful service.

I found this unbelievable that military working dogs were treated so rashly after retirement. Many of these dogs have died protecting our soldiers. The first thing I thought about was the contrast between dogs serving in our local police departments and those serving in the military. From what I understand police dogs are considered members of the police force and are treated as officers. Why would federal law classify these heroic dogs as mere pieces of military equipment?

I encourage you to please visit Kevin Hanrahan’s complete story on his blog by clicking on the link below. In it will be a call to action, which I have already taken part of. Let your voice be heard.

Click Here: Support the Bill that Recognizes Military Working Dogs as Members of the Armed Forces!

Thank you for taking the time to read Kevin’s post… this hard-working pooch will thank you! 🙂

Image credit: Kevin Hanrahan, used by permission. Source - Soldier Writer: Balancing the Sword and the Pen